Joel Bremson, Ph.D.

C: 530-219-8446  E:


UC Davis – Postdoctoral Researcher                                                                                              June 2012 – Present

Continuing research and development on alternative fuel and vehicle transition modeling.

UC Davis – Graduate Student Researcher / Instructor                                           September 2003-June 2012

Dissertation research on the use of simulation gaming for the exploration of alternative fuel and vehicle transition scenarios. Extensive programming and database based work. Team member on tire waste reduction research project for the California Solid Waste Board. Spatial and numerical clustering analysis of urban refueling stations in urban areas for the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). Studies in transportation policy, engineering, environmental science, statistics, modeling, and operations research. Extensive writing, speaking, and teaching experience.

Self Employed – Software Engineer / Student                                                                      April 2001-August 2003

Developed software while attending school to prepare for graduate school. Projects included a pilot health focused search engine (on a National Cancer Institute grant) and a game for an adventure travel company.  Prerequisite work included calculus III and IV, mathematical statistics and introduction to mathematical analysis.

Isyndicate – Software Engineer                                                                                                         July 1999-April 2001

Member of software engineering team.  Led and collaborated on software projects. Programmed in Perl, Java, JavaScript, SQL, modperl and PHP. MySQL database optimization and tuning. Project leader for database migration project from MySQL to Oracle. Designed product tracking system database and interface.   Responsible for software products getting more than a million web hits per day.

Docent – Technical Consultant                                                                                                           April 1998-July 1999

Client consultations to custom design Docent’s educational assessment software. Workflow and interface design. Credit card processing. Technical work included Perl, Visual Basic, JavaScript and SQL programming. Clients included Merrill Lynch, Sun Microsystems and Bank of America.


UC Davis – Transportation Technology and Policy – Ph.D.                                   September 2003-June 2012

Doctoral research on long-range alternative fuel and vehicle transitions in market competitive contexts. Additional published research on the spatial distribution characteristics of urban refueling stations. Co-author of report on strategies for the reduction of tire waste, funded by the California Solid Waste Board. Extensive coursework in transportation policy, economics, vehicle technologies, optimization statistics, economics, agent based modeling, transportation research methods, survey design and analysis.


Knowledge of multiple transportation and energy related areas including: Python, Perl, Java,  MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, Postgres, GIS, database design, Fortran, SQL, engineering economic models, spatial and numerical models, air quality, urban planning, vehicle and fuel technologies, modeling, and optimization. writing and presentations, Windows, MS Office, Unix

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